5.3.23 Release Notes

New page types and assistive technology features

Temporary Page Status
Burn After Reading

Have you ever wanted the thrill of being a spy, but without leaving the comfort of home? Liiingo’s new Temporary page status feature provides all you need to ensure your messages will self-destruct after your audience is done with them.

Temporary pages aren’t visible to just any audience member. You provide the direct link or QR code to the page, and after your audience navigates away, it’s like it was never there. They can’t get back to the page without re-accessing your QR code or link.

Alt Text
Visible Improvement

Here at Liiingo, we’re all about improving access for everyone. That’s why we’re rolling out alt text support for images and image buttons. Make your content more accessible for visually-impaired users by providing alt text descriptions in the Design Toolbox. When a user with a screen reader accesses the image, they can hear all about that totally sweet dragon your teenager drew during math class. Or… maybe that’s just us? How did he get our Liiingo password anyway?

Whether it’s sweet dragons, sweet treats, or just your latest product line, Liiiingo is here to support you in supporting every member of your audience.