Translate Multilingual Content

Edit the translations of secondary languages

Edit the translations of secondary languages

Ways to Translate Content

Liiingo Multilingual allows you to translate content in two ways, manually and automatically. Translate page names, section titles, and elements (images, videos, buttons, text) to the specified language, so Liiingo’s Smart Language Detection can automatically deliver content to your customers in their preferred language.

As you add sections, pages, and elements to your Liiingo, all your offered languages produce a language-specific version of the new addition. Just be sure to adjust the translation for secondary languages when new content is added.

Pro Tip: Create new content in your primary language before modifying any secondary languages to help expedite your content creation process.

Manually Translate Content

Add your own translations to tailor each language version to its locale. This is a great option for ensuring your content has accurate translations, especially if you natively speak multiple languages or have a translator to review your Multilingual content.

To manually translate your Liiingo content:

  1. Select the language you want to modify.
  2. Edit any element to match the selected language version.

Automatically Translate Content

Expedite your content creation process with auto-translate! The text for the selected secondary language(s) can be automatically translated for you in a few simple steps:

  1. Click the Translate button in the top right of the Content Designer.

Pro Tip: Need help finding the Translate button? Add secondary languages to access this feature.

  1. Select the language(s) you want to auto-translate from the Select Translations modal.

Pro Tip: Need help finding a specific language? Be sure to add it as a secondary language to view it in the Select Translations modal.

  1. Click the Translate button in the bottom right of the modal.

Once the auto-translations have loaded, you can view each language version to see the changes. Auto-translation applies to all pages for the selected language(s), so keep in mind that manual translations will be overwritten by auto-translate.

Pro Tip: Auto-translations are not 100% accurate. It’s highly recommended to have a native speaker proofread translations, especially when delivering critical information.