Download QR Codes

Export QR codes from the Liiingo Portal

Export QR codes from the Liiingo Portal

Once you customize your QR code, you’re ready to download! To download a QR code:

  1. Navigate to the Content Designer in the Liiingo Portal.
  2. Select the desired page in the Pages panel.
  3. Click the QR Code icon in the left tab bar.
  4. Click the Download icon at the top of the QR Code panel.

The QR code for the selected page will download to your device as a ZIP file. Liiingo provides QR codes in PNG and SVG file formats:


PNGs (Portable Network Graphics) are raster graphics that maintain original image quality and support transparency. This allows you to place your QR code on any background color.


SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) are vector-based graphics that can scale to any size without impacting image quality. Like PNGs, they support transparency, so you can easily modify how you showcase QR codes to your audience.

Pro Tip: Upload your QR code logo as an SVG to ensure your QR code is printable at any scale.