Release Notes 1.19.24

Categories: update, feature

Page Titles and Branding

You asked and we listened. Page titles are necessary for organizing your content and easing navigation for your users. The lack of styling made them not fit with your brand

Now, we’ve removed page titles from the display in the Portal and published content. 

Consider updating the initial content on your pages to be something more representative of your brand and your page’s content, like a picture of a goofy chihuahua eating a corn dog and the words “You can take the dog out of the corn, but you can’t take the corn out of the dog.”

Tapping/Clicking Images on the Web

The worst kind of surprises, like an unexpected chunk in your beverage, are the kind where something unexpected and unwelcome happens. Say, for instance tapping on an image and suddenly having it take over your screen. 

By popular demand, images no longer display full screen when clicked.  Instead, enlarge images by zooming in on the web or pinching on mobile devices. 

Duplicate Page

We’ve added new functionality to duplicate pages. Right-click the page name  in the Pages menu and select Duplicate Page to  duplicate any page in your content.

Consider creating pages in a hidden status as a template so that you can copy them, move them where you want them to be, and add the specifics afterwards. Don’t go too crazy, though; Star Wars taught us that clones can also be a horrible, awful, almost incredibly bad thing.