2.16.24 Release Notes

Changing how pages present to users

Background Image Shaded Overlay

We’ve heard that having a shaded overlay on your background images can make it hard to accurately represent your brand (Here’s to you, Fun Times Happy Kids Playgrounds of Sheboygan). We’re removing the shading that shows up on the background image. The text of your organization name and app name will continue to display in white. 

Page Layout Update

We know getting customers to content fast is part of why our customers choose Liiingo, so we’re reducing the whitespace that appears between your background image and your first content item, so your messaging reaches your customers’ eyes fast, because every second matters. Finally, a positive spin on shrinkflation. 

Autoplay, We Hardly Knew You

The autoplay toggle that appears on the background image has been removed based on your feedback. We heard you didn’t like further obscuring your background image, and some customers were unfamiliar with the icon, so they wouldn’t use it. Videos will still play when your customers tap or click on them- they just won’t play all videos as soon as they’re seen.