Improve Page Views

Improve the number of people viewing your content.

Improve the number of people viewing your content.

Because your customers are so diverse, they interact with you in different ways. You'll never be able to have content to make everyone happy, but here are some tips and tricks that might give you different ideas on how to improve your page views.

Review Entry Points

Customers have to find you for your content to be viewed. Take an audit of how customers are accessing your content by reviewing how you share. Some things to consider:

  • Identify whether QR codes in your physical space are large enough, visible, and accessible where customers see them.
  • If you use staff to invite customers to review your content, provide a script that help them easily introduce your content and invite customers to scan a code.
  • Review print materials with QR codes.
  • Add a specific call to action that links directly to information customers most frequently ask.
  • Review when you share links on social media to your content.
  • Identify where customers might have questions and add a link or QR code to where they have this question.

Gather Customer Feedback

When customers interact with their content. Take a minute to engage with them to learn what is working for them. You could:

  • Add a link to an online survey about the content in one of your pages. Offer an incentive to complete the survey.
  • Ask a staff member to ask customers in person about their experience interacting with your content.
  • Send an email to customers with a link to your content.
  • Review comments on social media with links to your content.